A whole owned subsidiary of GO TELL IT ON A TEE SHIRT, a wholesale sportswear business based in Kingman, Arizona

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This is the "retirement hobby" of Anne Stromberg who entered the corporate world through a five year stint at Mattel where she handled travel for (at that time) 7500 employees and supervised 150 household relocations annually, world wide

During her Mattel years, she co founded the Los Angeles Travel and Transportation Council with Diane Ceravolo, Xerox Travel Manager and Paulette Burch, Litton Ship Systems Travel Manager. This organization is still active today. having segued into the Los Angeles Business Travel Association. It currently has 250+ members.

Leaving Mattel, Anne started her own executive search firm specializing in nonwoven and adhesive scientists and engineers. She retired in 2004 after 27 successful years, working primarily with Fortune 500 companies.

GO TELL IT ON A TEE SHIRT is a “retirement hobby” as Anne doesn’t have a card playing, bowling, bingo, et al gene. As she likes to say, she is“dancing to the music of life as fast as I can and at my age I have to dance fast!”

A sole proprietor, Anne can be quite flexible on pricing. She prefers to work directly with manufacturers to obtain the best possible prices for her customers. The one non manufacturer exception is S and S Activewear in Chicago, one of the nation’s leading sportswear distributors. This company not only introduced Anne to the wholesale sportswear world, it continues to mentor her in the business. Her “mission” is to give her clients quintessential customer service, making each one feel “wanted, needed and appreciated”.

Anne will continue to have a presence in the basketball market world which has been her focus for the past several years while expanding her marketing presence into the exciting (new to her) world of ultra races and trail runs

Anne is a sports car aficionado, once married to the US distributor for Morgan Motor Cars, she participated in some California racing in SCCA events in class C. Her first sports car was an XK120 Jaguar. Her dream “car” wishlist: a 1924 La France fire engine white with red upholstery and a 1922 sky blue Bugatti “C”!

Anne’s only “bucket list” item is a National Geographic Antarctica Expedition!